Quilt Shop Marketing - helping to grow your quilt shop, one quilter at a time
Quilt Shop Marketing - helping to grow your quilt shop, one quilter at a time
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We welcome you to QuiltShopMarketing.com—with quilted hearts & little quilting stitches!

The timing is perfect!
The market is massive!
The results are real!

Discover what we're so excited about & why
Quilt Shop Marketing may just be the answer you've been looking for!

Everything you need, to start making your quilt shop profitable, is right here at Quilt Shop Marketing!

What're you waiting for?

This is a membership driven website—aimed at helping online as well as offline quilt shops grow their quilt business—one quilter at a time!  This means that you or your quilt shop pays a quarterly fee for access to the Quilt Shop Marketing content within.

Even if you think you know everything there's to know, about Quilt Shop Marketing, we beg to differ! We're pretty confident that you'll find a plethora of information just waiting for you inside the membership area of this website.

Special Offer!

We understand the economy (especially during this pandemic), & know that your marketing dollars need to be stretched. For a limited time, ALL FOUR LEVELS of Quilt Shop Marketing, are available for the LOW price of $25 per quarter!

If you're a quilt shop owner we invite you to join us! For a small membership fee Quilt Shop Marketing will offer you the following information:

  Dynamic Marketing Content to give you the most up-to-date opportunities  to please your quilt customers
  Online Quilt Shop Marketing Tidbits
  Quilt Shop Marketing Ideas
  Trade Show Marketing Gimmicks
  Free Original BOM & Free Patterns
  Fun Stuff Giveaways (ever played "Hide the Spool" in your shop?)
  Website traffic information with design ideas, including search engine optimization (SEO) tips & tricks
  Class & class scheduling ideas
  Shop Hop Marketing
  Free quilt labels & tags
  Flannel Fantasy Fun—making the most out of ALL of your quilting fabrics
  Marketing ideas that target the young quilters and teens
  Marketing with a quilt recipe
  and SO MUCH MORE!!!  (you knew I was going to say this, didn't you?!)

Won't you join us?


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Quilt Shop Marketing

Level 1
:: Customer Service
:: Marketing
:: Niche Marketing
:: Shop Talk
:: Public Relations
:: Advertising
Level 2
:: Down & Dirty Patterns
:: Quilt Shop Printables
:: Fun Coupons
:: Quilt Shop Games
Level 3
:: SEO
:: Website Design Tips
:: Quilt Blogging
:: Quilt Designers
Level 4
:: BOM Quilt Pattern
:: Mystery Quilt Pattern
:: Baby Quilt Patterns
:: Bonus Quilt Pattern


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