Quilt Shop Marketing - helping to grow your quilt shop, one quilter at a time
Quilt Shop Marketing - helping to grow your quilt shop, one quilter at a time
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Quilt Shop Marketing offers FOUR (4) different levels of membership—all subscription based:

Level 1:
:: Customer Service
:: Marketing
:: Niche Marketing
:: Shop Talk
:: Public Relations
:: Advertising
Level 3:
:: Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)
:: Website Design Tips
:: Quilt Blogging
:: Quilt Designers
Level 2:
:: Down & Dirty Patterns Cash Register Patterns
:: Quilt Shop Printables
:: Fun Coupons
:: Quilt Shop Games
Level 4:
:: A Free BOM Quilt Pattern
:: A Free Mystery Quilt Pattern
:: A Free Baby Quilt Pattern
:: A Free Bonus Quilt Pattern

You must agree to our Terms & Conditions before proceeding.  If you purchase a subscription—these Terms & Conditions apply to you—regardless of whether you've chosen to read them or not.

We ask that you purchase your membership subscription level here. Then we respectfully ask for up to 48 hours to process your order & set up your membership in our system. At that time, we will email you a login so that you may begin growing your quilt shop business with Quilt Shop Marketing!

PLEASE NOTE:  We do *not* offer refunds on your membership—make sure you're comfortable subscribing—with the information we offer above & below. If you're unhappy or dissatisfied with what Quilt Shop Marketing offers, please cancel your membership & move on. You're more than welcome to contact us, good or bad, as long as you're nice—just be nice!

We understand the economy (especially during this pandemic), & know that your marketing dollars need to be stretched. For a limited time, ALL FOUR LEVELS of Quilt Shop Marketing, are available for the LOW price of $25 per quarter!

What are you waiting for?

Special Offer

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4:  This subscription level of QuiltShopMarketing.com entitles you to access, all of the abovementioned information & more! 

All this for the price of a quarterly subscription payment of $25 per quarter (every three months).

If you want to cancel your subscription to QuiltShopMarketing.com.

Follow these steps:
   1) Please login to your PayPal account.
   2) Find the subscription creation entry.
   3) Cancel the subscription.

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